Start Summit: Event for Irish Startups not to be missed!

Start Summit: Event for Irish Startups not to be missed!

The world of start-ups can be a daunting one. Entrepreneurs are often overwhelmed by the sheer amount of info out there and start-up events often compound this confusion. Throwing more ‘motivation’ into the ring with attendees leaving these events pumped up but still none the wiser than when they came in. With the Start Summit, however, we aim to change this.


In the words of award-winning entrepreneur and founder of the event, Jamie White, ‘the start summit is the event I wish was there for me when I was starting out’. This event is about providing entrepreneurs with the information and connections they need to serve them going forward. We want to provide practical and implementable advice that can be directly utilised as well as nurturing partnerships between start-ups and the supports available to them


So how are we doing this? The Start Summit Conference on September 15th provides attendees value through 4 main areas. The first of which are our keynote speakers Ray Nolan, Jacquie Marsh and Pat Falvey, each delivering an inspiring talk on the main stage. The next area is our panel discussions, where we have put together 3 panels made up of some of Ireland’s most interesting entrepreneurs. Attendees will be exposed to open format information and will also get the chance to ask the experts their own questions. Next, we have workshops in a range of areas including accounting, legal bases and website design. Here industry leaders will offer area-specific advice that is crucial to know.  Finally, our 20 exhibiting partners will be answering all questions attendees may have, 1 to 1.


This format allows us to mix inspiration and motivation with pragmatism. Attendees will leave with a fresh perspective on business, invaluable information for their own startup ideas and connections to last a lifetime.


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