June Full Moon Brings Powerful Opportunity for Transformation and Healing

June Full Moon Brings Powerful Opportunity for Transformation and Healing



elephantjournal.com had a great article on the site earlier this week about the full moon which occurs on June 28th here in Ireland (or on the 27th in Iowa where my daughter is currently enjoying her summer!).

According to author Alex Myles, this will be the most transformational and healing full moon of the year. She explains that:

“The full moon will be in the sign of Capricorn, which is represented by the mountain goat that climbs upward at a steady pace and is the sign connected to manifesting, ambition, and goals. This moon will be emanating a strong lunar energy that delivers abrupt change, which will be noticeable a few days before and a few days after it reaches its fullest illumination”.

Falling midway through the year, the vibration of this moon creates energy shifts that activate deep inner healing and encourages personal transformation. For some people, this full moon will be the culmination of challenges felt since the January new moon and the releasing of any associated karma.

How this is likely to feel


This energy shift may result in feelings of wanting to be alone or distancing ourselves from the people around us in order to regain our focus and to achieve a deeper level of personal grounding. As such calmness is unusual during the energy of a full moon, this slowing down affords us the opportunity to look inwards and perhaps deal with/heal some of our innermost emotional wounds.

The author suggests that:

“When we are aware of where we hold tension, pain, or anger, we can lightly question the reasons for clinging to it. If the reasons are not apparent, we can gently trace our roaming thought patterns until we eventually reach the undesirable feelings—and then, hopefully, find the root cause. When we do this, we often discover that although we may think the emotional discomfort or pain we experience daily is recent, it usually exists due to being triggered by past (mostly forgotten) events.”

This is where hypnotherapy can help to identify triggers and unlock trapped pain that creates resistance and causes blockages that prevent us from attracting what we want. It is a cycle of self-sabotage that can be halted if and when you are ready to face up to past issues. This full moon is an ideal time to carry out such inner child work provided this can be done with becoming emotionally overwhelmed (which, according to the article, not only blocks healing, but also inflames old pain).

I always consider a full moon to be a good time to let go of old baggage and old struggles, somehow, there always seems to be more in need to release. My theory about this is that we are only exposed to what we can endure at that time. As we build resilience – which Reiki is great for – we deal with more and more baggage at increasingly deeper levels. This is the most effective form of pattern-breaking that I know of and the discipline of breaking toxic patterns or habits is second only to our self-awareness and willingness to acknowledge them.

Also, in much the same way at the start of a new year is a great time for deep energy cleansing with the blank slate offering potential for a new start, the mid-year new moon offers the same potential for transformation.

How to make the most of this full moon


  • Hold the intention for healing
  • Meditate on recurring challenges and search for deeper underlying connections
  • Let go of recent struggles
  • Be open to transformation
  • Allow yourself to dream


I will leave you with this thought from the author:

“This full moon is the start of a new mission—and one that when we reach the Capricorn new moon on January 6th, 2019, we will be astounded at what we’ve gained and achieved. When we are determined and focused, the universe supports us by providing signs, synchronicities, and opportunities to make magic happen.”


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