Follow Your Explosive Spirit

because spiritual awakening is not always gentle...

Busy people with busy lives often miss or ignore signs from the universe telling them to look up, slow down, breathe and simply be. If you miss the signs, the universe does not give up on you, it speaks to you in a way that you will understand; in a way that you cannot ignore. If you only understand shouting, then the universe will shout at you. Are you ready to listen?

About Explosive Spirit

Explosive Spirit started as a personal journey until I realised there is no such thing; we do not wander through life alone although often it can feel like this. The tradition of teaching and learning is strong in our quest for spiritual awakening. The need to find a guru, to follow a thought-leader, to seek guidance and later reassurance from a ‘Master’ is natural. But none of these people, or books or studies can give you the answer you require. The answer you seek is already inside you.


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While studying Reiki, I was fascinated by the practice of distance healing; it felt like simple yet powerful magic with boundless potential. Clear, loving and healing intentions, with crystal focus, resulted in these beautiful healing candles and other thoughtful gifts for when you have a special message to send

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Reiki for Mind, Body & Spirit

Dis-ease   Metaphysical wisdom tells us that there is no such thing as an accident or a coincidence, particularly when it comes to our bodies. Every illness, injury or disease is your body‘s way of trying to communicate with you. The more serious the injury, the...

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Reiki Treatments Now Available in Dublin 2

Reiki:  Your Invitation to Wellness   We all have a life flow energy that keeps us alive. When this life flow energy is low, we are more likely to have dis-ease in our body and feel stress. Reiki helps people to heal from within by treating the whole person,...

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